This site describes the OpenBSDLab Testing Infrastructure. It's used for manual and automatic testing.


Command Description
ssh otx connect to the serial console
ssh otx on switch on power supply
ssh otx off switch off power supply
ssh otx cycle cycle power supply
ssh otx install install current snapshot
ssh otx upgrade upgrade current snapshot
ssh otx lock lock machine. This prevents other users to run the commands on, off, cycle, install and upgrade.
ssh otx unlock remove a previous machine lock
ssh otx help show supported commands and their usage


Name Arch Usage Product Cores RAM
ot1 i386 regression tests
ot2 i386 regression tests 2 GB
ot3 i386 regression tests 2 GB
ot4 i386 regression tests 1 GB
ot5 amd64 driver development
ot6 amd64 regression tests
ot7 armv7 regression tests Cubox i4 Pro 4 2 GB
ot8 mips64 driver development EdgeRouter Infinity 16 16 GB
ct9 Cisco IPSec interopt test Cisco ASA
ot10 arm64 regression tests MACCHIATObin 4 4 GB
ot11 arm64 driver development Lenovo HR330A 32 128 GB
ot12 amd64 network performance tests 8 24 GB
ot13 amd64 network performance tests 8 24 GB
ot14 amd64 network performance tests 4 6 GB
ot15 amd64 network performance tests
lt16 amd64 network performance tests
ot18 arm64 regression tests HummingBoard Pulse 4 3 GB
ot19 amd64 driver development
ot20 mips64 driver development EdgeRouter Lite 2 512 MB
ot21 sparc64
ot22 sparc64
ot23 sparc64
ot24 sparc64
ot25 sparc64
ot27 powerpc64 driver development Raptor CS Blackbird 4 8 GB